Counting tablets

how can i ensure the correct of count tablets machine… example the machine fill a 150 tablets in a bottle so how can i ensure the correct tablets numder??
is there a method to ensure that…

Please standardize the tablet counting machine using a specific number of tablets. And fix the parameters according to the count or configure the machine. Now run the machine with bulk tablets and count the tablets manually which got collected in several bottles/containers (depending upon the number of counting slots / stations are present in the machine. From each slot/station you should count the tablets which got collected in several containers (generally 10 each). Check the accuracy of count (number of tablets) from all the bottles/containers from all counting stations by manually counting the tablets. If you do not get the desired accuracy of count then re-adjust the configuration of the machine and repeat this exercise.
Now fix the parameters to be entered in the counting machine software or other mechanism - (mechanical adjustment of the machine)
Similarly, repeat this process for all the products and note down the parameters (configuration) for each type of product or count required.

Once you standardice the counting machine, during routine packing operations you should conduct In-process QC checks. Such as ebry fixed interval collect the filled bottles/containers and check the tablets manually which are filled in those bottles/containers which are sampled. If the results (count) are ok then it can be assured that tablets in all the bottles / containers are filled properly. Recored the in-process QC cheks observations in the Batch packing records.


  1. You can do with a offline stand alone counting machine, or by manual test.
  2. Also you can conduct PQ with Bracketing approach for Min and Max product size with respect to speed of filing (In case you have a lot of products running in that line)


thank for your reply but i am working a production QC and i follow the machine by counting the 150 tablets manually … you see it is hard to count all these tablets … is their a method like weight can i use it according to pharmacopiea

thanks for your reply … what is PQ???
is their an offline stand can i use … if it possible give me some photo for offline stand

I said that you should standardize the filling machine by counting the tablets from a few bottles. After the machine is standardized you should not count all the tablets from all the bottles. This is known as PQ- Performance Qualification of counting machine.

Only for checking purpose your QC person should select 1 or 2 bottles (or according to filling stations on the machine) every 30 minutes or 1 hour and count manually as an In-process check.

Hello! I also agree with mr. Sunil and mr. Asif.

From what I am understanding from the conversation, I think you do not have a tablet counting machine or your filling machine does not have a tablet counting tool. If this is the case, then huge efforts should be put in place to reduce the risk of having less tablets per bottle.

The control that you mentioned (manually counting tablets) can be very questionable since manually counting tablets leads to much error, even for small quantities; and the performance of that inspection would vary a lot from one person to another. It can be done, but a lot of effort should be put into Qualification and Validation to support it.

I strongly suggest to get a tablet counting machine; or at least, having an automitized equipment to do this process control as Mr. Asif suggests. I am affraid that getting a weight control machine could not give you enough resolution/presision to effectively identify bottles with 1 less/more tablet in it because the weight difference that 1 tablet represents, could be shadowed by the natural variation of the total net weight of the product.

I hope I explained myself clear and not introduced more confusion to this matter.
Warm regards!

thanks alot sir

Thanks, Mr. Andres and Mr. Asif for providing a further explanation to my answer on counting the tablets.
I can further suggest that there are simple tablet counters available in the market which can be purchased. It’s very simple. There is a stainless steel holding tray of tablets and an attached SS flap with holes (say 50, 100, 200, etc.) The bulk tablets should be poured on the tray with a flap and then to be hand shaken. This will enable tablets to fit in the holes in the flap (say 50, 100, 200, etc.). Now remove excess tablets from the tray and open the flap so that the exact number of tablets (say 50, 100, 200) from the holes will be collected in the holding tray. Empty out the tray in a bottle. Repeat this operation for all the bottles to be filled. This is 100% manual operation and is accurate as the number of holes in the tray is fixed. You can have different capacity trays with different sizes and number of holes in it. The size of each hole should be slightly more than the size of the tablet so as to fit one tablet in one hole. Therefore, the exact number of tablets can be collected in the holding tray.
This is a very simple, manual method of tablet counting and filling into bottles. However, efficiency of counting and filling operation will depend upon the operator’s skill and speed.

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These are some of the images of tablet counter trays.

thanks very much sir , with no disturbance to your time … could you send me a web link for the counter machine that you sent a pictures to know a lot of information about it and how it work?

Here is a web link to search tablet counters (Hand operated)

thanks very much sir…

You are always welcome.