Cosmetics retail sales

What are the licenses required for sale of cosmetics in retail and online sales .

there is no licensing for sale of cosmetic products, In a proposal submitted to the Medical Education and Drugs department, each retailer will have to pay Rs 500 per year for registration of licence to sell cosmetics.FDA held several rounds of discussions with associations of cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers before drafting the proposal.
FDA proposes to make licences mandatory for cosmetics retailers.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has submitted a proposal to make it mandatory for retailers selling cosmetic products to apply for licences. This will not only include the abundantly available small-grocery shops that stock body lotions but also department stores, medical stores and even beauty parlours.
Currently, the regulatory body has the authority to inspect manufacturing units that produce cosmetic products under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
“Our inspectors have come across instances where fake cosmetic brands are being sold or spurious cosmetics are stocked in stores. But because there is no licensing for sale of cosmetic products, anyone can purchase spurious cosmetic from unlicensed manufacturers and sell it.
“We need to understand how will FDA keep control over so many grocery shops that sell cosmetic items across the state. Also, these shops are already registered under municipal bodies, so are we seeking double registration? The action against spurious cosmetic sale and punishment also needs to be detailed.
The amendment may also affect chemists who are already registered under Drugs and Cosmetics Act. “We have also sought clarification on whether chemists will have to separately register for cosmetics.
The move to start licensing for retail cosmetic sellers came after instances of spurious sale to consumers from beauty parlours and cosmetic shops.
Once Medical Education and Drugs department approves it, the proposal will go through Law and Judiciary department and require approval from the central government to amend the central law.

For the import of Cosmetics in India, the imported cosmetic products are required to be
registered with Central Drugs Standards Control Organization by giving application in Form 42
to obtain Registration certificate in Form 43.

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