Corrective and preventive action

Can we consider training as CAPA on repeated failure?

Please note that repeated failure itself indicates that training alone is not effective and hence not sufficient as CAPA. Therefore, training must be associated with close supervision by senior employee of the work performed by the trainee. Explaning him / her importance of error free work, likelihood of making mistakes, the good work practices and ‘On the job’ assessment of his / her work from time to time on continuous basis.
The last option would be to change job responsibilities / profile of the trainee who makes repeated failures.

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In case of Human error,our CAPA remains confined to training.And if same type of error continues then CAPA is not effective.In that case,if we have manpower issues then we cannot change his Job description also.So thus is kind of confusion.

Reasons for repeat human errors should be identified. This might be due to casual attitude of that employee. Hence, this must be properly addressed. Either through close supervision by senior employee of his / her work or the last option would be change of job responsibilities. Man power issues must be resolved by discussing with the HR person and if required with the senior management.
The employee must not keep on doing repeat errors in his work. This is not acceptable in an organization.