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Should copying an electronic record to other folder be performed under a specific process? Suppose a file is needed to be duplicated or become printed for personal study so what is standard and regulated way to do?


There should be disable for copy, paste and delete options for electronic document at any level except administrator. i.e; you are unable to copy and paste of electronic document from one folder to another folder.
If above said options are enabled to any level, that means the organization does not have the control of electronic documents and it’s non compliance of 21CFR.

You can take the print of the electronic document by giving the suitable reason.

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Could you please let me know which part of 21cfr11 mentions copying or moving the records should be done only by administrator.
As far as I know in most companies except admin some peopke have access to the archive folders with most capabilities.
My second question is: Is studying a sensible reason for printing the records or not?
The printed records dhould be stamped as controlled or not controlled one or there is no need to stamp them?
Please pardon me if I have a little knowledge in this field.

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