Conveyor speed of tunnel

Why we use cos 30 in formula for conveyor speed of depyrogenating tunnel.

Because at that designed speed, the endotoxin will be denatured.

Because at cos 30 (cos 30 is only for width)only we can see degree of deviation.if sin 60 we can say it is for length.
If we arrange vials in length & width wise,only width will release the gaps,so we are taking cos 30.if gaps occurred due to length we have take sin60.

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Any reference for it?

Where this angle make?if base is width and perpendicular is length then where is hypotenuse?

Cos30 = to sin 60 ita trigonometry.i found it there.

I want to ask where 30 degree angle forms in conveyor belt?

For speed calculation of conveyor belt ,we use width of the tunnel(conveyor belt width),but not the length.
when we take tunnel length and width to count total vials in the tunnel, in that situation we have to calculate tunnel length÷ vial dia(this can show us total rows in tunnel).for coloums we have to take tunnel width÷ vial dia,and multiple by cos 30.then we have to multiple rows& coloums.the after we will get total vial in depyrogenation tunnel.
When we take total vials as above calculation it will show the trignometry I.e.length and width at 90°angle where we get cos 30.
And when we are calculating conveyor speed in formula we use width for division.and cos 30 for multiplication.

It means we consider cos 30 because there is chances of gap among vials in row.

No,sir gaps in width.

Ok gap in vials in column.

Conveyor Speed = Vial diameter2 x cos30 x washing machine output / Length of the sterilization zone

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