Compression problem of Mebeverine

Sir please advise me how can I resolve the problem of cracking and lamination during compression of mebeverine.
First granules makes crust below the feeding frames. Then we added Aerosol…
Now the same problem, crust formation and cracking bkth occurs.

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  1. Final batch sieving from # 20
  2. Check the moisture should be b/w 1.5 to 3.
  3. Add dry Binder
  4. Increase Dwell Time by Flattened the Head surface of Punch.
  5. Use Tapered Dies, i.e, upper part of the die bore has an outward taper of 3 degree to 5 degree.
  6. Use Special Take-off.
  7. Use Pre- Compression step.
  8. Reduce Turret Speed.
  9. Reduce the final compression pressure.

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@ Rahul_Kumar what is Special Take-off?

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Take-off Plates or Take-off blades are fitted just above the feeder housing. Their main role is to deflect the fully compressed tablets into the discharge chute.

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Which type of binder and solvent is used in ur formulation.?