Compressed air filter

Any guideline for renewal and replacement of filters (liquid compressed air filter.)

1.pls follow the vendor certificate for maximum number of sterilization filter.
2.if any filter fails in filter integrity test it should be replaced.

To maintain efficient operation of filters, the filter elements need to be replaced periodically. How often this needs to be done depends on variables like the quality of the supply air and the hours of operation of the machine. As one approach, you can identify and set a preventive maintenance schedule that replaces the filter elements every 6 months.

A more reliable method is to use differential pressure sensors, which measure the pressure drop between a filter’s supply and output pressure. The pressure drop indicates when the filter is becoming clogged. These can be electrical sensors that send a signal to a PLC, which can then alert the operator, or they can be visual indicators on the filter unit itself. For example, the indicator might show a green color when the filter element is clean, and a red color when the filter element is clogging up and needs to be replaced.

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