Compressed air and Nitrogen Quality Parameter

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What is quality parameter of compressed air and Nitrogen used for aseptic area??? which guideline reference??? we currently used as per below table from outside vendor but we have no idea for guideline reference.
For Compressed Air:

Parameters Unit Utility Area LIMITS
Appearance Colourless Colourless
Odour No Appreciable odour No Appreciable
Carbon Dioxide ppm 268.21 NMT 500.0
Carbon Monoxide ppm 3.21 NMT 5.0
Oxygen % 19.82 19.5% to 21.5%
Sulfur Dioxide ppm Not detected NMT 1.0
Oxides of Nitrogen ppm Not detected NMT 2.0
Hydrogen Sulphide ppm Not Detected Not Specified
Oil Mist mg/m3 < 0.01 NMT 0.10
Non Viable Particle No. of Particle/ m3 120 NMT 1,00000 Particle of

(≤ 0.5 µ)|
|0|NMT 100 Particle of
(1 - 5.0 µ)|
|Moisture|ppm|165.2|NMT 870|
|Dew Point|ºC|-35.9|NMT – 20|
|Total Viable Count|CFU/m3|12|NMT 100|

For Nitrogen

Parameters Unit Locations Limits
Description Complies A Colouless, Odourless Gas
Carbon Dioxide ppm 221.33 NMT 300.0
Carbon Monoxide ppm 2.65 NMT 5.0
Oxygen content % 0.3 NMT 0.5
Dew Point °C - 52.8 NMT - 40
Oil Mist mg/m3 Not Detected NMT 0.1
Nitrogen % 99.7 NLT 99.5

Please consult
ISPE process gases good practice guide

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If you have ISPE guideline e-book then please share with us. i visit on site but i required to pay $460 so please if you have then please share with us.