Coating percentage

How much % of coating material is used in following?
Film coating
sugar coating
enteric coating

Generally in film coated tablet formulations the weight gain is very very less which can not be calculated as percentage, it is just few mg per tablet (say 5 to 10 mg).
In case of sugar coated tablets the weight gain of tablet after coating is significane in the range of 70% to 100% depending upon size and shape of tablets.
In case of enteric coated tablets the weight gain is in the range of 20% to 30% depending upon the tablet size and shape and more importanantly , the tablets must comply DT’ requirements (in both Acid medium & Alakaline medium).

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Sir can you please tell me how to calculate film coating dispersion
If solid content is 12%w/w and avg weight of tablet is 248mg and buildup is 3%.
Batch size -1500No’s

3% weight gain means for each tablet the weight gain due to coating will be (248 x 3) / 100 = 7.44 mg.
Hence for 1500 tablets the total weight gain will be 7.44 x 1500 = 11.16 g
As the solid content of film coating dispersion is 12% w/w , you will theoritcally require near to 100 mL of dispersion (12 g solids eq. to 11.6 g). However considering process & handling losses you may require more quantity of coating dispersion solution depending upon size of coating pan, vessles, stirrer, spray gun etc.