Cleaning of Aprons

Dear sir,
Is there any cleaning procedure for aprons

No there is not any specific procedure for cleaning of aprons.

We recently conducted hold time studies for aprons. By doing so we could establish , how long a gown can be considered justified to be worn in clean areas. For Hold time studies please refer ICH.

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Sterile garments can be used for 72 hours but it should be validated.

We have the defined cleanig procedure for aprons and gowns which we are using in the clean area
Apart from that we are auditing the place where the cleaning of the garments are done.
Contracts are also made for the defined periods

In my plant laundry facility available within the plant. There only washing , drying and iron will be done. SOP’s will be there for all.
Weekly twice change the aprons.

yes its right

cleaned aprons can be used for 3 working days.for working under LAFU apron should be sterile by steam for one time use.

You have to define cleaning procedure for aprons and demonstrate that the procedure is effective.
Your question is too vague to answer correctly and meaningfully.
You are referring to aprons used in which area? QC,STORES, Non critical Manufacturing areas?

Current many organization have IH laundry department where cleaning procedure validated with respect usage reccomondable usage i.e. GMP area or routine dress code for Non - GMP area.

Many were contracted washing/leaning supplier for washing methodology with IH verification/validation of cleaning process.


for core area personnel which in direct contact with products, gowning should be changed with product changeover. if one product running on daily bases gowning should be changed daily bases.

Staff may be use gowning as per time period validated may be 72 hrs or more. if staff entered to core area for trouble shooting or any other may use disposable gowning.