Cheklist for preventive mainatins

Any One Have Checklist for Preventive Maintains Of All Equipment Used In pharma Company

Please make check list as per your machinery norms and operation…

Preventive maintenance needs to be done based on the individual machinery type. Normally the manufacturer of the machine will suggest the required PM in the manual.
PM frequency is typically done monthly/once in 3 months /once in 6 months / once in 12 months etc…
schedule for each machinery to be made at the year beginning and it needs tot be followed.if not done deviation shall be raised.
these are the few points on PM.
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Someone said this earlier that each piece of equipment is unique and would potentially have their own checklist which would differ from most others. If you’re real serious about preventative maintenance and not just trying to check a box for the FDA then I would suggest as part of your preventative maintenance program you also add a reliability program to your facility. Preventative maintenance programs have been used for years and years and most of them prove to be ineffective because they follow the recommendations in the user manual and it’s not always in the equipment builders best interest to tell you all of the failure points. When you add reliability to your preventative maintenance program you have the ability to predict various failures. Part of a reliability program is having a good lubrication program where you are using high quality synthetic lubricants. Synthetic lubricants do not have much of an operating temperature curve which means they are less likely to breakdown, seperate or evaporate under extreme conditions. A baseline also needs to be established with your equipment. A base line that measures the frequencies that are produced when running and when running under a load. You would also do thermal imaging with the equipment running and with the equipment running under a load. You can get more information on this from SMRP which is the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals. They also offer certifications. I am not affiliated with this organization in any way. Hope this helps.