Change over room for QC

Pls guide me on below issue

Is there change room required to QC Lab before entering to Lab or we can directly entered to the lab without following the changing process(Like wearing of appron, slippers and caps)…?

No,thts wrong

Whats wrong sir, entering lab directly or for change room necessity?

Dear ,

You cannot enter without proper PPE (Proper protective equipment)

suhel patel

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That depends on the classification of your QC area. If your lab is an unclassified QC chemistry lab, you need to have a space outside your lab to put on your protective gear as lab coat, gloves, goggles etc as prescribed for your lab in your procedures (you say “the changing process”, so I assume you have one). This does not necessarily have to be a change room, may also be the hall way to the lab.
If your lab is a classified area (class D or higher), then you would need a change room that functions as an air lock to protect your classified area.