Change in SOP font types....will it affect format revision change?

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I would like to understand on the topic as I mentioned. below is the full description regarding my query:

  1. We have recently change SOP of SOP in which font type used was “Verdana” whereas in revised SOP of SOP, its mentioned to introduced “Times New Roman”.

  2. Now, if any of the SOP is revising, according to SOP of SOP, that SOP has to revised with new font viz. Times New Roman along with revision number updating with next number.

  3. Our one of the SOP has been revised just for changing the FONT type from Verdana to Times New Roman and revision number is also changed. Also related formats of that SOP has been changed for font type as per requirement without changing its original content.

  4. Now we are having debate on the point that, In this case whether Format Number also should Revised like R0 to R1 or Format Number will Remains Same.

Please suggest. also suggest if any specific guideline available for that.

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Yes revise format no with change control must be updated with Review history

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Yes, I do agree.

As per GDP, it must be assigned revision number. But our QA is not agreed for this since they already did this mistake.,:grinning:

Font is also a part of SOP architecture which gets controlled through SOP on SOP…so it also requires sequential revision change for impacted sop.


Your SOP of SOP should have a clause in which condition format number should get changed when revising the SOP.

For Example: Format number should get revised in case changes in the contents of the format.

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