Challenge test for washed bottles

What is the procedure for performing challenge test for glass or pet bottles before use in liquid orals?

what kind of challenge test are you referring to?

Before performing filling process glass bottles are washed with water and pet bottles are air cleaned by vacuum in our facility.for checking integrity of bottles is there some procedure to carry out the challenge test?

For glass bottles you can take final rinse water for determining either conductivity or TOC and compare with the purified water limits. You my also filter this rinse water and check for any extraneous matter, or black particles. You must be using purified water for final rinsing of glass bottles.

For PET bottles, you may develop inhouse test of rinsing the cleaned PET bottles with purified water. Filter this rinse water and check for extraneous matter or black particles. Similarly you may check for conductivity or TOC of rinsed and filtered water. You must be using filtered compressed air to air-clean the bottles (OR vacuum).

These tests should be conducted on a few sampled bottles from a lot after washing / cleaning is completed.


Also, just ensure the Jet pressure limit of purified water and compress air is established and utility is available before operation.

Usually fill volume, sealing, capping leak test and integrity checks are important.