Certified True Copies

I work in a GCLP accredited laboratory, and per DAIDS and WHO, “Records may be retained either as original records or as certified true copies such as photocopies, microfilm, microfiche, or other
accurate reproductions of the original records.”

How would one make a copied record a “certified true copy”?

If we plan to store the certified copy electronically, can we destroy the original?

Is it a stamp and sign/date?

Thanks for the support!

“Certified True copy” should be prepared as photocopy, microfilm, microfiche, or other
accurate reproduction of the original records. The certification should be done only after 100% verifying the accuracy and completeness of the copied document with the original document. And if found satisfactory should be signed by the responsible person and dated with a stamp of “Certified True copy”.
In the case of soft copy, it should be certified by putting a digital or electronic signature on it with a stamp of"Certified True copy"
Original documents should not be destroyed in any case.


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