Certificate course in pharmaceutical quality control and quality assurance

Dear sir Madam

I’m Pranavananda doing my final year in masters in Applied Microbiology in Madras Christian College affiliated to Madras University

I’m very much interested in taking my career in quality control and quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry after the completion of my masters degree

I kindly request you to provide me with the above information on where in India I can do my certificate course in pharmaceutical quality control and quality assurance at regular time for 3-4 months with hands on training and complete course which in turn help me find a good job


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Hi Pranavananda,
I like your approach and i appreciate it. there are so many online courses available for pharmaceutical sector where you can get an insight of each functions. I am not sure how much they will help you in getting the job but yes they give fair introduction of work and expectations in pharma industry. There are lot many CSIR certified labs and organizations which are dedicated for industrial training for example: Central Scientific Instrument Organization (CSIO) Chandigarh. Getting there is bit tough but you will be master what you will learn there. This is what you’ve asked for, but overall as I did and as most of in pharma industry did, they simply joined the industry and learnt there only. its a very good school itself and if you are keen learner you will learn and work together with much faster pace.
All the best!!!


There are many universities offering PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical QC &QA/ QC -QA etc. For example JNTU, Osmania University, Hyderabad Central University etc. Please search for the above course in the Google / other search to find relevant information.

IGMPI (Instrument of Good Manufacturing Practices India) Delhi and Hyderabad also offering PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical QC &QA and several courses. For more details please visit igmpi.org.

This course offered by IGMPI is approved by QCI (Quality Control India).

All the best.

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Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion

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