Capping in tablets

1_How to repair Capping problem in tablets?
2_how differentiate between two different tablet which have the same shape ,color,thickness,hardness ?

First chk machine related
High pressure reduce hardness
high speed reduce speed
Tooling problem
Formulation related

over dried may add moisture
can chk slugging
low binder may increase binders

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other question Mr. Today in our department we made product consist two layers sustained and immediate . The operator mix sustained and immediate tablet in one bag .how to spearte each other sustained and immediate

mixed tabs r double layer or single layer sustain n single layer immediate?

if different can have same weigt?
same color?
same shape?

Single layer and same of the shape

Yes same

؟؟ …

  1. Check for the Logo…

Why you need to separate if its only one compressed tablet.

If its bilayer—if may be different size—Physically It cannot be separated----Deviation should be raised, investigation CAPA and --It should be disposed.


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Chemical test ?

one simple physical method is available but u will loss the tabs.
add all in water immediate relz will disintegrate n sustain relz will swell n become slippery due to polymer

can we consider the sticking issue like a cosmetic defect? this case is when the sticking appears on the engraving and we can still read the letters or numbers

some time can read letters n some time not

1.I think u MFD in diff molecule at diff color is not compress.
2.No colour means can issue .