Capacity of coating pan

how to calculate the capacity of perforated coating pan?


Generally Operation Capacity of any equipment can be defined by considering as:
1.Theoritical capacity mentioned in the manual/FS.
2.BD of the product.
3.Occupancy by vol of product.
4.Variation in weight and vol of product

For Coating machine Ideally the working capacity can be considered min as 60% and max 90% of theoritical capacity.
(Pour bulk density is not applicable for coating machine).
Ideally Brim volume is considered.
Working capacity of coating pan is determined by brim volume of the coating pan. It is mentioned in the manual of the coating machine. Brim volume defined as the volume of water when coating pan is fully filled in situate its current position. Total volume of pan is different from brim volume.

Maximum capacity of tablet coating pan is calculated by the brim volume of pan and bulk density of tablet.

Maximum capacity of coating pan (Kg) = Brim volume of pan (ltrs) x Bulk density of tablets (g/ml)

60% of the maximum capacity is the minimum capacity of coating pan.

For Example-

Coating pan size 48”

Brim volume 160 ltrs.

Bulk density of tablets 0.72 g./ml

Maximum capacity of coating pan = 160 x 0.72 = 115.2 Kg

Minimum capacity of coating pan = Brim volume of pan (ltrs) x Bulk density of tablets (g/ml) x 60/100

Minimum capacity = 160 x 0.72 x 60/100 = 69.12 Kg

Bulk density depends on the tablet shape and size. Small tablets of same formulation have higher bulk density in the compression of large tablet. So that maximum and minimum capacity of coating pan (48”) will different if the shape and size of tablets are different.



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Thnks mr asif i hv alread read it but its about convvntional pan not perforated.
kindly give ifo about perforated

any idea about perforated pan?

Dear Sir,
Brim volume of coating pan is fixed?

brim vol is not used