Capacity of blended

How to calculate cacacity of double cone blender?
How to determine minimum and maximum working capacity of double cone blender?

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Sir plz explain how to calculate minimum and maximum capacity of blender

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Capacity of a Double cone blender is described in term of Liters.
To Determine capacity in kgs the density of a powder is measured n then multiplied by Liters.
Capacity iñterm of liters remain fix but in kgs vary depending upon density of powder.
For maximum mixing capacity usually 70-75%is taken and results r validated.
Minimum capacity is also determine by validating the results.
Capacity calculation
Determine capacity in term of liters,for this add measured volume water in Blender say it is 400 liters.find density of powder say it is 0.85.then
75%of it is
So full capacity is 340kg maxium mixing capacity is 255 kg.


Is it always 75% or vary?

May vary.
usually 20-25 % free space is required for proper powder shifting within mixer.
Very narrow space within mixer does not allow proper powder movements and may results in non uniform mixing .

Thank you sir

well come dear

30 to 70 % of occupancy