Calibration of Volumetric flask 10 mL

Hello, is anyone who has any PDF or files from any pharmacopoeia that related to Calibration of Volumetric flask 10 mL.

The capacity tolerance of volumetric flask of 10 ml capacity is ± 0.02 ml (Limit of error 0.2%) as per USP chapter 31 of ‘volumetric Apparatus’.

The calibration of volumetric glassware of class A type need not be carried out in your laboratory as it is always accompanied with the certificate of accurcy (NIST Standards).
While for plastic ware the the accuracy (Capacity tolerance) is of class B type (NIST Standards).

However, we can calibrate the volumetric flask by filing the distilled water in it (up to the mark) at specified temperature and determine weight of water filled in it. From the observed weight of water we can calcuate volume of water after applying its density factor at the same temperature of determination as follows,
Weight / Volume = Density of water at specified temperature
Actual volume (10 ml capacity flask) = Weight of water observed / Density
Compare the observed actual volume of 10 ml flask with the capacity tolerance (Limit of error %) as specified above.

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Please note that the above limit of error is specified for Class A type volumetric flask (glass made) which need not be calibrated in your laboratory as it is apways accompanied with the accuracy certificate.
The above procedure in my previous commumnication is described for class B type calibration (capacity tolerance). For this the procudure of weight detemination of water is to be repeated for three times and take average weight of water thus obtained.
The density of water at 25 deg. C is 0.99602 g / ml

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