Calibration of Vacuum Oven

How to Calibrate Vacuum Oven?

for this Equipment, there are two things need to be calibrated: temperature sensor and pressure sensor

To calibrate vacum oven calibrate temperature by checking differents points.
Also calibrate pressure guage.

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  1. What are the locations to conduct this test?
  2. How many probes/data logger need to conduct temperature mapping?


For the vacuum oven, it is recommended to use contact and wireless temperature sensors. These should be located attached to the plates, because the temperature is transmitted by conduction and not by convection. If wire sensors are used, ensure the airtightness of the chamber so that the vacuum is preserved.

Dear my friend
I have a comment on your answer
Surely we cannot use cable because it create the leak around the edge if the chamber
You have to use the dataloger and not to attach them to the frame of the chamber . Because the temperature at the frame doesnot reflect the chamber inside, the heater are attached outside frame of the chamber, so the temperature at the frame will be higher than center. And remember that the user will put things inside( center) not at the frame of the chamber.
The wireless datalogger may not be used because the signal may not go through the stainless steel frame