Calibration of mfg tank

What is calibration procedure of mfg tank

1.physical method- “Take a standard 1 Liter capacity glass measuring cylinder & standardize it with 1 Liter volumetric flask using D.M. water.

  • Standardize the 10 Liters flask by adding water by the standardized measuring cylinder. Mark the flask from outside for volume marking , lastly with 10 Liters marking.
  • Standardize plastic bucket marking up to 40 Liters level , with the help of 10 Liters flask.
  • Standardize the tank with the help of bucket , keep an accurate record of addition.
  1. chemical method- use 9 kg sodium chloride in 1000 liter water to calibrate the 1000 L tank , mix for 15 minute and take the sample and check the concentration. concentration should be 0.9% v/v.
    you have to use required quantity of sodium chloride with given capacity of tank to make 0.9% solution.

What will be the procedure for calibration of mfg.tank of 5000 litres ?