Calculation sugar coating solution

materials interfer in sugar solution
Solvent… %
Sugar… %
Plasticizer… %
Titanium dioxide… %
Talc powder…%
How I calculated with batch size?

Please clarify your question precisely. It is not clear.

In sugar coating prosses
I want to know how can I calculate the the amount of every materials used in these prosses
I want to sure the batch record is right
Sugar and polymer, plasticizer, filler and color
How can I calculated them?

The sugar coating formula depends upon several factors. Therefore, it is advisable to perform R & D experiments and optimize the sugar coating formula and process to arrive at the composition of all ingredients and their percentage.
Please consider the following aspects while optimizing the sugar coating formula,

-Weight gain to be achieved after coating (weight per tablet). Generally, 70% to 80% of the weight gain of tablets is achieved after sugar coating.
-Type of coats to be applied (such as Seal coat, pre-coat, Colour coat with excipients, Colour coat without excipients, Final coat with sugar syrup, Polishing of coated tablets with Carnauba / Bees wax etc)

  • For each type of coat there should be a coating formula
    -After each type of coat to examine the tablets for desired consistency
  • Generally, organic solvents are not used in the sugar coating. Only organic solvents such as Ethyl alcohol or Methanol are used for ‘Seal coat’ to dissolve plasticizers such as Shellac or other material-The tablets should be partially dried after applying each type of coat.

Based on these aspects please optimize and standardize the coating formula. Please note that the Sugarcoating process is more of an ART and not only the SCIENCE.

Nowadays very few companies perform sugar coating to their tablet products because of the longer time duration required to complete the sugar coating process (4 to 5 days are required to complete sugar coating of one batch). Instead, film coating is preferred which is a cost-effective and simple process and can be fully automatic.


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