Bulk density Tabs

How to calculate the bulk density of Tablets?

Bulk density of tablets required for that product which bulk /container pack will propose packaging configuration as market pack. Bulk density of tablet is ratio of a tablets (Mass) to its bulk volume (volume)
Measurement with graduated cylinder

  1. Take a 100 no of tablets & fill in 200 ml graduated cylinder.

  2. Note down the volume occupy 100 no of tablets.

  3. Calculate the BD by using following formula

      Volume occupy for 100 no of tablets 

BD = ------------------------------------------------
Total Volume of graduated cylinder.
Volume occupy for 100 no of tablets i.e. 122
Example BD = ----------------------------------------------------------
Total Volume of graduated cylinder i.e.200
= 0.61
For selecting the right container-closure system, we must evaluate the bulk density of tablets. Following key factor also play important role for bulk /container pack.

  1. Size of dosage form.
  2. Size & shape of container –closure.
  3. Manual hopper/Feeding pattern used for packaging product in CCS.
  4. The total volume of tablet and inter-particle void volume

density is
density of tab is taken as gm/ml
but in uper statement you yake just vol/vol .any ref,?