Briquetting of tablets

Hello! I wanted to ask about BRIQUETTING. What it is? It is used during tablet manufacturing anymore?

Briquetting: Typically a dry process, briquetting uses pressure to form pillow-shaped or other share briquettes from material fines.Briquettes are loose material that has been compacted in dense material.Briquetting also known as Pressure Agglomeration.

It is used anymore under the name of Briquetting or it is simply called Dry Granulation?

Briquetting is the process of creating briquettes. Briquetting is one of the compaction technologies for densification of waste materials and convert it into something useful. The raw materials used in preparing briquetting consist of coal, charcoal, wood, saw dust, paper, stalks, etc. We are using it as fuel in boilers for generation of steam.