BMR preparation

Dear Sir,

I have seen a sample BMR (Atorvastatin 40mg tablet) in your blog…
I have a small query please clarify…
BMR contains a sentence "Chipped and broken tablets of high and low weight, generated during compression, can be used as utilizable residue in next batches.

It shows that batch to batch mix ups happening. Is that allowable or not ??

Kindly clarify the same…

Any one having BMR of Ayurvedic Medicine ( Tablet,capsule,syrup),share sample BMR is valuable for all.

Line clearance before manufacturing operations,any guidelines

Dear Sir,
I have gone through your BMR specimen and found it very useful and simple to follow ,so can u provide me a specimen of Batch packing record.

Not at all.
As per cGMP, previous batch residues must be removed before start if a new batch at any stage of the manufscturing.

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its called batch recovery and can be used in nxt batch after testing if used after some time.
entery of recoverd material is aded in orignl bath bmr and when used in nxt batch history from previous BMR is taken.

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