Bmr and bpr. Difference

What is difference between Batch manufacturing record
Batch production record ?

Both are same (Batch Manufacturing Record and Batch Production Record).
However, the term BPR is generally used to describe Batch Packing Record. In this case BMR & BPR are different.
In some cases one batch of a product (for example tablets or capsules) can be packed in different pack sizes or packing configurations depending upon market requirements. Hence, there will be one BPR for one type of pack size / packing configuration. Hence, there will be several BPRs for one BMR (Mother batch).

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If we pack the one mother batch in different batch size as per market requirement so the batch number for all pack size should be different or same for all.

Yes please. The batch number should be the same for all packing sizes / configurations. For each type of pack there should be separate BPR (Batch Packing Record).
Som companies follow a system of putting an prefix or suffix alphbate to the mother batch number for each pack size. However, ‘Mother batch number’ has to be there for the purpose of traceability. Mother batch number appears on BMR of that batch.

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The batch number remains same in all pack sizes.

yes exactly

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