Blender validation

What percentage of blender capacity should be used to validate the blender and which raw materials is to be used.


Generally Blender is the carrier of the Bin, so you need to validate Bin capacity. it doesn’t mean Blender do not have any correlation with Bin, ultimately weight of the bin is depend on the Blender.
It depends on manufacturer of the Bin, at which capacity they have tested and declared or it depends on your User requirement specification, what is the capacity mentioned in it.

Now which Raw Material is to be used for the Validation?
It depends on your Process Validation strategy, however if equipment is new all the product to be manufactured on that machine going to validated or either way you need to provide justification for that.

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Also, PQ of the Blender will cover the equipment release for regular production.
If the type of blender is same as such there is no need to do again process validation of all products.
Customer related products shall produced after taking approval or agreeing any validation requirement.

Usually 70_75%capacity is taken.