Black particles investigation in dry powder injection filling machine

Many times I observed black particles in dry powder filled vials.we check the following parameters-
1.empty vials after depyrogenation was found on.
2.rubber stopper found ok.
3. Cleaning of filling machine parts was ok.
4. environmental condition was ok.
But after filling the powder in vials ,black particles were found. So what may be root cause of black particles generation?

IN OSD black particles are commonly found and have many obserable reasons or exceptients or mfg pfrocess but in sterile area route cause analysis is different n critical.
i thnk some time particles may be in the powder to b filled.
but if every thing is ok before filling and particled r observed after filling then it may b due to contact of powdr n machine parts for this check the points of machine during filling where chances of friction production are present.

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Good you got the root cause. I have already investigated the root cause. Nylon bush is fixed in T Shape rod and auger of hopper moves on it.i found size of nylon bush was not proper.we have 50 nylon bush but all have difference in its diameter and thickness. So I found the correct nylon bush on which auger can move freely then I send all nylon bush for repairing with correct size of nylon bush.there after my problem was solved. Improper size of bush was responsible for no free movement of powder gets heated in hopper and turned into black particles.

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Good approach to share such type of technical problems.It inspire us to think, observe n solve issues.