Bio-metric Attendance System

In case of shifting of bio-metric attendance machine from one location to another location in same factory premises having no change in software and instrument then in this case Challenge test or IQ OQ PQ required

Biometric attendance system is not a pharma equipment.
It has no direct and indirect impact in product quality.
IT department and supplier should handle the installation test and can be used for regular purpose.
As such equipment qualification not required,


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Raise a permanent change control, perform the impact assessment. If it is a like to like change then requalification is not required. Yes but in impact assessment performance of machine has to be ensured which can be taken care by action item to IT department or QA can perform risk assessment and ensure its proper functionality. from your question I hope your machine, your server, and software of handling the Biometric system is same. Your impact assessment may include the impact of software and server integration when installing the machine, any IP address conflict as you may be using new LAN cable, your new staff data to be enrolled and deletion of previous staff data from the machine ID as it is relocating from one place to another, and similar to this there could be few more impacts.

Hello sir
Do you have documents about impact assessment? Because I am composing SOPS about impact assessment.