Binder Effectivness

Binder in wet granulation is more effective in which of the following form?

  1. Solution/Suspension/Paste
  2. Binder added in premix as dry form then activated by any solvent.

Binder effectiveness depends upon nature of binder. For example, starch is more effective when incorporated in the granulation process in Paste form under hot condition. While PVP K-30 (Polyvinyl pyrrlidone) when dissolved in water or organic solvent to make solution when used for granulation is effective. While Sodium starch glycolate when added as a powder during dry mixing before wet granulation is more effective as a binder.
It is also possible to make combinations as above.
Ofcourse, the granulation process optimization and validation will confirm the desired effect Nd output quality of the granules.

sr Sodium starch glycolate is used as disintegrant not as a binder.

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Yes, l wanted to say starch powder when added in paste form and when added in solid powder form…

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Is it ideal to keep povidone overnight for uniform dissolve in water?

why to dissolve overnight?
it just take max 15-20 min to dissolve using propeller mixer or may also be mixed manualy

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No need.

Hold time of binder solution should be conducted during validation batches to know the microbial load with respect to time (0,6,12,24,48 hours…).


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