Bet test of raw material

Hello all of u. Plz clear my doubt. How to calculate MVD of any raw material bet test.
NMT 5.0 ENDOTOXIN unit PER GRAM of sodium chloride. How much gram sodium chloride diluted and how to find mvd

If you are provided with 100mg or 0.1gm of sample and your endotoxin limit is NMT 5.0EU/gm
MVD = (5.0EU/gm ÷ lysate sensitivity ) × 0.1gm
For example: if ur lysate sensitivity is 0.03EU/mL
The MVD= (5.0EU/gm ÷ 0.03EU/mL) × 0.1gm
= 16.6667


O.1 gm nacl dissolve how much LAL water for dilution

Some time my clot is break whats region for it

trial and error… but I think 1 mL should suffice, also easiest in calculations

different question than the MVD, impossible to answer without more info. sample type, sample prep etc

Do you have any reference regarding this?

Ph.Eur. 2.6.14

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