Best practice for Issuance of hand gloves in production

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I want to know about the best practice in practice for issuance of hand glove while working in manufacturing areas for production where skin contact is prohibited with the materials.

I’m in confuse with my practice for issuance which is that a person who issue the glove for use but upon the contactness of hand to external surface of nullify the purpose of glove that protect the contactness of external source directly to the materials while manufacturing because hand contaminate the external surface of gloves.

b4 issuence person should disinfect his/her hands.


The person should wear the gloves, disinfectant his hand and then dispense …


During gowning the following action can be performed (SOP)
1 Wash hand with soap and disinfect hands.
2 Change wear and put gloves on
3 Disinfect gloves with IPA 70%

  • put over glove on if required
  • Disinfect gloves with IPA 70%

Than hand over gloves and the other person should follow the above steps (1~3) as well

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Person shall wear gloves before issuing hand gloves to others.

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Dear disinfection of hands is enough to dispense the hand glove.
But my important point is that while wearing of pair of glove, there is chance of skin contactness with external surface of glove which nullify the purpose of glove wearing?? please advice

After wearing gloves again disinfect.

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