Batch reconciliation in production

What is batch reconciliation?

Batch Reconciliation means “Accounting”.
Therefore, one has to account for all the rejections, in-process losses, material losses, etc during production. In the case of batch packing the reconciliation of the packaging components is very important, such as number of units of labels, cartons, containers issued by warehouse, number of these items used during packaging operations, number of units rejected & destroyed, number or units unused, number of units returned to stores, number of units taken for in-process checks, number of units taken as samples, etc. Further, in the case of ‘Rejections’ of the various packaging components, it is required to perform “Rejection Analysis” to understand types of rejections and the reasons for each type of rejection. This is required to take CAPA actions to minimize rejection levels in future batches.
The reconciliation of a batch is a GMP requirement and is very important to understand the above aspects.