Batch manufacturing record of a product

Hy sir and team, we always have a controversy about writing the manufacturing records, Is BMRs to be written during the process or after the process or through online? kindly comment.

During the execution of BMR, record the parameters in online i.e:; if you start an operation note down the starting time and after completion of the activity note down the time at the respective column…
Recorded timings should be online…
About 10 min.s variation in operation time recording is acceptable…


Hy sir, Thank you for response, it was informative and useful.

Hy sir and team,
followed by the comment i have one more doubt regarding the BMR.
who is the correct personnel for writing the batch manufacturing records,
plant manager/ supervisors/ In charge/ operator?
Awaiting for the response

The person who performed the activity has to be write the BMR

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The Manufacturing Chemist / Production Chemist was the person to fill BMR.

Thanks you for your comment sir