Balance Working Range

Suggestions required in below case,
If Balance working range: 5.00 kg to 150.00 kg
SS Container wt: 7.00 kg
Material to be dispense: 4.00 kg.
So if SS Container (having wt 7.00 kg) kept on above balance and then Tare the balance. After that dispense 4.00 kg material in above balance.
Is it allowable?
4.00 kg material can be dispense on balance having working range 5.00 to 150.00 kg?
Note: Material is Fluffy in nature like Aerosil.

Dear Tapan, first of all you have to clear one thing…
How the balance working range is fixed b/t 5 to 150kg.
In general balance min. Capacity calculated based upon least count criteria…

Dear tapan what is the least count of the balance that you have mentioned here.

Scientifically balance minimum weight for balances like this can generally be calculated based on Euramet cg-18 (2015):