Bacterial Endotoxin Test Verifing The Sensitivity Of Lisate Daily?


I know that all the new batches of Lisates must be verified with 4 copies of
2λ , λ, λ /2 and λ /4 .

In routine tests, we are using hot spike method for the positive duplicates.(10 microliter from 20λ )

So, i have a big table in my routin test form and i couldnt understand the reason but it says to perform 2λ , λ , λ/2, λ/4 endotoxin solutions with 2 copies and verify lisate sensivity.

May i have to perform it daily to verify the lisate sensivity?
May i have to perform it for all freshly prepared lisate solutions to verify its sensivity?

I couldnt understand the reasons of it.If you can, please explain it.
Thanks for your replies.