Avoiding Cross Contamination during Stripping of Tablet/Capsule

When Product A tablets are filled, the base foil is used. However, entire foil is not used. So, we keep the foil back in store after re-packing the same. Can this foil be used now for stripping of product B?
If yes, is this not a case of cross contamination?
If no, do I need to maintain a product-to-product inventory of base foils?

Product A’s base foil were use for next product If same molecule(moiety) with higher strength plan as product B but If product is different regulatory agency never allow to do so.

Product specific base foil’s not a practical approaches as base foil’s material management having huge investment with respect of involuntary,IH storage, reconciliation of base foil each & every product.

Its my personnel opinion but if you manage with existing base foil vendor for half roll approx 5 to 10% for each consignment. This might helpful in respect of involuntary,IH storage, reconciliation of base foil. Base on pre-stage of blister- packaging yield you can dispense base foil to cater this type of hurdle.

@dushyant3044 Sir, this is not possible at our base foil vendor, as size of foil sent by them is very large, and our batch size is generally low. Can I prove no cross contamination by cleaning the foil with some agent and then removing and destroying first few layers?


Probably no, as the geometrical dimension of forming foil is cylindrical shape with bore size of 76 mm . So, there is no option for proving the cross contamination even if we remove the outermost foil as its having most contamination part among the foil but width side of laminate roll have contamination part So, its better to use fresh roll for next products.

Foil laminate price per blister is approximate 4-8 paisa , which is manageable for any organization.

Ok Sir, thanks for the update.