Autoclave validetion

Dear Sir ,
who many sensor are required for autoclave validation according ti its size .

Welcome, Pankaj,

The basis of any rationale given for the quantity of temperature sensors to be used in validation studies should be to sample enough locations of the autoclave to consider representative of the usable chamber volume.

It will depend on the type of autoclave, sterilization mehtod and load characteristics, but it is generally best to consider the following recommendations:

  • Try to cover the 3 planes: length, width and height of the chamber.
  • Try to cover the corners.
  • Include a sensor in the drainage (if applicable) since it could be a cold spot or heat sink of the chamber.
  • Try to include one sensor next to the atoclave control sensors. This will help to know if there is any difference between the control sensor and the actual load temperature.
  • Enphasize in known cold and hot spots.
  • Consider results from empty and loaded chamber temperature/heat distribution studies.
  • Consider sampling locations of different materials if mixed loads are to be used.

It is a common practice, for large chambers, to use 1 additional sensor per cubic meter; and not less than 5 - 10 that are needed to cover the previous recommendations.

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