Autoclave Validation

How can we find autoclave chember coldspot during qualification or Validation?

Based upon the temperature mapping (Empty chamber profile)


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Where do these stupid ideas come from? In use the autoclave is a sealed pressurized chamber. Perhaps your validation team has it confused with a convection oven.

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It depends on ur lowest temperature in pernetration probe during qualification…

Please supply the procedure for mapping the temperature inside a autoclave in operation.

Dear ,

The mapping shall be done using validator having thermocouples fixed at different location and to monitor the temperature distribution, through the probe insertion slot available in autoclave.


Please supply a reference that can be verified.( ie a manufacturer would suffice.) In particular I am interested in the presence of an insertion slot on an autoclave.

Use wireless dataloggers for mapping study, no need for insertion slot

Wireless data loggers inside of an operating . I still need some verifiable info. Data , manufacturer or published results.

You missed the thread. Temperature mapping an autoclave is the issue. Sure you can verify the pressure or the temperature. But unless you are operating outside the laws of thermodynamics what could you possibly be mapping.