Autoclave V. L. T & HLT

What is the full form of the H. L. T

H.L.T is helium leak is used for corse leak in large volume autoclave.

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Autoclave steam clock pe kon sa chemical hota h

Lead chromate is used in Steam clox indicater.

Kon sa class type pe ye h sir

Class 4 Multi-parameter Indicator as classified by ANSI/AAMI ST60 and ISO 11140-1. Stated Value: 21.1 minutes at 121°C.

Sorry purple indicator is chromium chloride,not lead chromate. Steam clox indicator is a laminated cardboard tag impregnated with a purple chemical indicator that changes to green when various conditions of time and temperature in a pure steam atmosphere are reached. The purple pigment is a chromium- chloride complex which is purple in its anhydrous form. When exposed to an atmosphere of pure steam this complex first picks up six molecules of water and with further exposure to temperature for a specified time a molecular shift takes place and the color changes to green.

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In biological indicator,Bromocresol turns purple to yellow if pH of media goes below 5.2 so in presence of microbial contamination acidity of media increases and pH decreases and indicator turns into yellow colours.while there will be no change in colour above pH 6.8


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Tel me about Autoclave and DHS sizes in production sterile areas

it may be different capacity as per requirement. see the manual of equipment.