Autoclave sterilization

Why the temperature(121degrees) ,pressure (15lbs)and time (15-30min) were used in auto clave,if temperature and pressure increases /decreases what happen to the product in auto clave.

This is not fixed temperature for sterilization, you have to set a parameter after validation. it may be between 121-124 degree centigrade. Lower temperature may effect sterilization process, and higher temperature above set parameter can effect the product quality.

you have to set parameter to achieve 12 log reduction for steam sterilization.

sterilization cycles depend upon time and temperature.
If you operate autoclave cycle for lower temperature, then there must required long time to complete proper sterilization cycle process. So, materials placed in autoclave can fully sterilized.
and if you go for less time consuming cycles, there must be higher temperatures set value require for sterilization .

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