Autoclave cycle overshoot

(Jignesh darji) #1

Hello sir
In autoclave What is overshoot,? And how can i controlled on it

(Rakesh Kumar chowdhary) #2

In Autoclave overshoot means your machine temperature rising high than validated procedure (121.1) this may cause overheating for Media neturiatns .
This depends upon your machine model,
Whether it’s Machin Fabrik , pharma lab,Coloze or a vertical autoclave.
Kindly revert me.

(Mahi Negi) #3

Machine fabric

(Rakesh Kumar chowdhary) #4

If you want some technical help
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If you want to control on it,
A continuous support to autoclave is suggested.
One well trained operator specialized in Autoclave operations should be imparted.
You have to set your recipe / process data.
There’s some technical terms.
Let me share if you want!