Autoclave cycle overshoot

Hello sir
In autoclave What is overshoot,? And how can i controlled on it

In Autoclave overshoot means your machine temperature rising high than validated procedure (121.1) this may cause overheating for Media neturiatns .
This depends upon your machine model,
Whether it’s Machin Fabrik , pharma lab,Coloze or a vertical autoclave.
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Machine fabric

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If you want to control on it,
A continuous support to autoclave is suggested.
One well trained operator specialized in Autoclave operations should be imparted.
You have to set your recipe / process data.
There’s some technical terms.
Let me share if you want!

Sterilization temp is 121. An overshoot temp is 124 .
तो जब बी temp 124 हो जायगा तो वो overshoot मारेगा।
तो इसके लिए calibration में जा कर temp maintain करना होगा।

In Autoclave overshoot means your machine temperature rising high 121 . controlled By calibration and validation

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pls explain abount control band.

Sir, there are two types of modles in autoclave

  1. before 2016 GMP
    This type of autoclave have pneumatic type valves which having manual settings by well trained technicians/ operator .
    Your concern about control band which is +/- 0.2°c .
    This means while you’re set temperature is 121.4 this will automatically function when sence 121.5 and dose a little amount of pure steam. During sterilzation hold time, this will acts when out of 5 sensor , one is going low this control band help you to prevent under shoot/ reset.

2)After 2016
This type Autoclave have been designed with PID controller valves . Which having better control even 0.1°c and proptioanlly 0.01pressure .
Its had higher efficiency than old one.