Autoclave calibration

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why we r using bowie-Dick test pack in autoclave calibration and this principle is heat penetration and as well as air removal ok. But my doubt is what is the air removal and where it is done. is ti checked in autoclave chamber fresh air is properly removed or not is it correct plz anyone know give clarity explaination and guideline referances.

Bowie dick test pack is ISO 11140-1 , class 2 indicator. Which shows complete absence of non sterile air from air is bad conductors of heat, this may cause improper sterilization .
This test is compulsory for HPHV machine.

Another thing I want to add,
Bowie dick is a air removal test.
Not a form of calibration!
Calibration is different procedure where we check a standard with test.
Like pressure gauge, air gauges,meghnehlic gauges, weight balance, pH.

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During autoclave revalidation we are using calibrated thermocouples sensors to monitor temperature parameters what about pressure , how we can monitor pressure during cycles besides inbuilt pressure gua e?


Pressure can not be monitored by thermocouple built pressure gauge should be calibrated.if it is calibrated it will give true need of separate pressure gauge.

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As you know pressure is equivalent to tepmrature.
As tepmrature is rising , pressure also rises equal proportions.
And your Pressure Tramsmeter always in the machine which is calibrated yearly basis.
So,specified temperature in revalidation , which is also carried out test for “Superheated steam Quality test”