Aseptic area Cleaning procedure

Is it ok to only sanitize aseptic area by disinfectant solution and not cleaning with WFI regularly? What can be the drawbacks and is there any substitute for WFI for cleaning?

Dry clean with by means of vacuum cleaner also.
But to maintain aseptic condition sanitization with broad spectrum disinfectant require.
Solution to be prepared in WFI and require to filter through 0.22 micron filter.

K thnx…but only following disinfectant…no water …one after other disinfectant…

Changing disinfectant solution regularly, solution should be filtered, use 2 bowls,one for dis. Solution, and another for wfi,avoid circular cleaning with mop,filtered solution to be used in 24 hrs

There is alternative for WFI.You should clean with disinfectants followed by WFI.

Sry typo error… there no alternative for wFI