Asepetic filling and terminal sterilization

What is a main different between aseptic filling and terminal sterilization

A brief comparison between the two could be:

Terminal sterilization is when the sterilization process is done when the product is already sealed within its primary container.

Aseptic process starts with materials and components that are already sterilized individualle and then they are assembled/filled/sealed under controlled conditions (aseptic conditions) to mantain the sterility of the product during process.

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2020 Draft EU Annex 1:

I try to give answer in simple way.

Some products are heat sensitive so we can not apply heat to sterile it so it can be sterile only by passing through 0.2 micron filter before filling. aseptic process is more critical as compare to terminal sterile products.

Some products are heat labile we can sterile it by moist heat or dry heat sterilization.