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Sir kindly tell me , what is Repeat length and which guideline flow for artwork related?

“Repeat length” is related to the printed packaging materials specifically with respect to the foils (Aluminum/Blister foils) used for packaging tablets and capsules.
Generally, the text matter on such foils is printed in continuation along the length of the foil in the entire roll. Depending upon the packing of number of tablets/capsules the length of foil will change with respect to 5/10/15 tablets packing. Therefore, it has to be ensured that all the text matter (such as the name of the drug, composition, colorant added, manufacturer’s address, Schedule H drug or other warnings, recommended doses etc) is available on every blister/strip pack of tablets or capsules. Even the shortest length of foil pack must have all the text matter as stated above.

Generally, the text matter on the foil is repeated at least 1.2 times on a single blister/strip pack of the foil. So that all the text matter as stated above is visible on a single strip of tablets/capsules.

For example, the blister pack length of 10 tablets is 12 cm. So the entire text matter on the foil is printed in 10 cm length of foil and is repeated after every 10 cm in the entire foil roll. Therefore, on ONE blister pack of 10 cm length, all the text matter is available plus some text will be repeated on the same pack. The 10 cm is called as “Repeat length” of text matter on the foil (for 12 cm blister/strip pack) which is 1.2 times repeated on a single pack of blister/strip of tablets/capsules.

According to the Drug Rules, (Labelling requirements) all the text matter on a single primary pack of blister/strip of any product (tablets/capsules/powders) must be printed and nothing should be missed out. Therefore, “Repeat length” is very important.

Thank you sir.

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