APQR (Cp& Cpk value)

If Cp value is less than Cpk it means it is correct or not.


Based on the concept of Proess Capability, there is no way that the Cp value could be lower than the Cpk, it will always be greaer (Cpk <= Cp).

In a perfect scenario, where the process mean is exactly at the center of the specification range, the Cpk value will be the same as the Cp value, but it will never be greater.

Sir my cp value is coming 3.5 and cpk value is 3.96 and 3.10 is it correct or not?

Yes, If I understood correctly, your Cp is 3.5; and when calculating for Cpk, you got 3.96 in one side, and 3.10 in the other side (these are the Cpu and Cpl). The actual Cpk is the lowest, which is 3.10.

So, Cp is 3.5; Cpk is 3.10;
thus Cpk < Cp (3.10 < 3.5)

Tq so much sir. Yor are great. I have to learn many things from you.:pray:

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