API stability conditions

My self Kamal Sharma working in Regulatory. Can you please elaborate the fact that the API manufactured in India or in abroad should be kept for stability study for Long term condition either at 25 C /60% RH OR at 30 C /75% RH which is appropriate as mentioned in ICH Q1(R2) for all the countries.
Can the stability conditions be different for country to country or same for API?
As I found in approved dossier for the solid finished product that stability conditions for Long term are 30 C/75 % RH but for API Long term condition are 25 C /60%RH .
So kindly suggest the appropriate and valid suggestion for the API stability conditions for regulatory point of view.

Not like that.

storage condition depends on country zonal tempeture(like zone -i,ii,iii,iv) and sample nature.

the same rules are applicable to both API and formulations.