Anti vibrating Porous table for balance

Is a porous table required for sampling balance in RLAF ?

Without a porous table, can it be used or not? Please guide on this.

Generally weighing balance should be placed on an anti-vibration sturdy base table/platform to avoid mechanical vibrations. This will ensure stable weight readings without any errors.

For analytical weighing balance, more care should be taken to ensure accurate and precise weighing of samples, standards, chemical reagents, etc. in the QC laboratory. Analytical weighing balances are more sensitive to the smallest mechanical disturbances which may lead to erroneous weight readings.

The purpose of the porous table for sampling balance is preferred to ensure air currents and air-flow pattern are not disturbed in the R-LAF unit. Please observe the air-flow pattern with and without using a porous table. And compare the air-flow pattern in both the cases.